• BORN BEFORE 1986?

    According to today's regulators and bureaucrats, those of us who were kids in the 60's, 70's and early 80's probably shouldn't have
    survived, because our baby cots were covered with brightly coloured lead-based paint which was p
  • mirror mirror on the wall whos the sexyest of them all and the mirror smiled and gave a grunt and said not u u ugly cunt
  • what did the alien step on a chocolate bar?he wanted to step on mars...
  • If a woman speaks & there's no one to hear, is she still wrong?
  • An Australian ventriloquist visiting New Zealand walks into a small town
    and sees a local sitting on his porch patting his dog. He figures he'll
    have a little fun...

    Ventriloquist: "Hey, good looking dog, mate. Mind if I speak to him?"
    New Ze
  • A man is waiting for his wife to give birth.
    > The doctor comes in and informs the dad
    > that his son was born without torso, arms or legs.
    > The son is just a head!
    > But the dad loves his son and raises him
    > as well as he can, with love an
  • Why did the skeleton Burp because he didn't have the guts to Fart.
  • a elephant went up to a camel and said why do u have tits on ur back and the camel said ur the 1 with a dick on there face
  • superman was flyin past 1 day and he had a mager hardon and he seen wonder women naked sun bathin on a sky skraper and he wished he could just fly down and have sex with her then he thought to himself i can fly faster than the speed of light so he g
  • There was a little boy walking down the street one day with his pet frog Bob, when the mail man ran him over with his bike, instantly killing Bob. The young boy upset ran crying up the road to the nearest brothel. Wiping his tears he walks inside,
  • Two dyslexic bank robbers run into a bank shouting "air in the hands mother stickers, this is a fuck up!"
  • There was shit,shutup and manners.
    They were walking down the road and shit went off some where. Shutup was walking down the road and the police pulls him over. The police said whats your name? shutup! whats your name? shutup! weres your manners? Ar
  • A man went to new york on a plane. At the airport he shared a taxi with another man from Aussie. They were traveling along and the newyorker was telling the Aussie a bit about new york ",did you know" he asked the man,"that the footpaths in new york
  • 1. The Cat in the Blender
    2. Are You My Proctologist?
    3. Fox in Detox
    4. Who Shat in the Hat?
    5. Horton Feels a Ho
    6. The Lemon-Fresh Lorax
    7. How the Grinch Stole Columbus Day
    8. Your Colon Can Moo---Can You?
    9. Zippy the Ra
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    17 Correct - Above Normal
    15 Correct - Normal
    8 Correct - Nincompoop
    6 Correct - Moron
    3 Correct - Idiot


    1. Do they have a 4th of July in England?
    2. How many birthdays does the av
  • An Amish woman and her daughter were riding in an open buggy one cold
    blustery January day. The daughter said to the mother, "My hands are
    freezing cold." The mother replied, "Put your hands between your legs,
    the body heat will w

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