• Q)Why did the blonde climb over the glass wall?
    A)To see what was on the other side
  • what do blonds and ufos have in common?
    they have both been herd of but never seen before! ha ha ha
  • Q) What do you do when a blonde throws a gernade at you?
    A) Pick it up, pull the pin and throw it back!


    Why do blondes take a piece of bread into the toilet?
  • What do blondes and computers have in common?

    You don't appreciate them until they go down on you!


    A blonde goes into a worldwide message center to send a m
  • A young blonde polish woman walks in for a job interview, but the fellow
    doing the interviews tells her he doesn't have time today. He says, "Since
    this is an inconvience for you, I'll ask you to come back in 3 days for
    another interview, and
  • A ventriloquist is touring the clubs and stops to entertain in a small
    > town.
    > > He's going through his usual run of off-colour and "dumb blonde" jokes,
    > when
    > > a well-presented blonde woman in the fourth row

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