• a blond a red head and a bronet just escaped from jail and were hiding in a old barn they found 1 sack t hid in. the police go and kick the first sack the red head was in it. she said meowww. they kick the second sack the brewnet wasin it she said w
  • Q Why was the blonde throwing bread into the toilet?
    A To feed the toilet ducks
  • Oneday a blonde a brunett and a red head had to swim to an island for safety.So they all had a compertion
    to see who could swim to the island first doing brest stroke 1 hour latter the red head arived and 2 hours latter the brunett arived and 8 hour
  • Once a blonde went to the library to get a book. A few days later, she returns and says to librarian at the counter, "This book was very boring. It had too many characters and too many numbers, so i would like to return it."
    The librarian says to t
  • One day a blonde called her boyfriend up and siad honney I am doing a puzzle and I don't know where the piecis go ,So her boyfriend came around had a look at the packet and siad okay you go make a cup of coffie well I put the skippy cornflack back in
  • This one day a blonde came round the corner and yelled at the top of her voice
    "pig" and totally surprised the man yelled back " Bitch".
    QWhen the man turned the corner and ran over this big massive pig.
  • 2 blondes were in a forest wen 1 saw tracks and sed look deer tracks and the other sed no silly they're cow tracks they were still aguring wen the train hit them
  • A blind man walks into a bar. He finds his way to the counter and sits down. Judging by the scent, he realises that there are many women in the bar, but what he didnt realise was that it was a blonde-only bar.

    After having a drink, he turns t
  • once a black a blonde and a brunette brokedown in the middle of the desert.they could take 3 things so the black brought a bunch of food the brunette brought a flask of water and the blonde brought a car door. the blonde then asked "why did you bring
  • Ther was a blond, an American and a Russian. The Russian goes "We were the first into space!", so the American replys back and says "Well we were the first to the moon!". The blond feels a little left out of the conversation says "Well I'm goona be t
  • a car full of blonds were going to the airport when they came across a sigh saying "airport left" so they turned round and went home.......why?cos the sigh had sed the airport had left
  • what is the difference between a blonde and a mosquito? A mosquito stops sucking when you slap it!!
  • Q.Why did the blond go to sleep with the ruler?
    A.To see how long she slept.

    The blond was so stupid that she studied for a blood test.

    The blond was so stupid that she thought Boys 2 Men was a child care centre.

    Q.How do you know if a blon
  • What does a blond go to,If her mother tells her to find a young man?

    2.Nowhere she doesnt have a mom she came from the dump
  • A guy was mowing the lawns and the new neighbour ( who happenend to be a blonde) was running in and out of her house like a mad man. The guy asked her why she kept running in and out of her house, and she said, coz I have a new computer and it keeps
  • There was a boat on the beatch with a blond inside.
    A boy walks by and seas what are you doing and she sea driving to shour and the boy seas you are stupid get out and have a look and the blond seas no I cant swimm.
  • how dose a blonde kill a fish holds it under water
    how dose a blonde kill a bird throw it off a cliff
  • Theres a blonde and she goes to a real alligator country and all she wants is a pair of real Alligator shoes. so she goes into the shoe shop and asks the man if he had any Alligator shoes. the shop owner said yes and took the blonde over to where t
  • thee was a blonde a brunette and a red head all stranded on a island there was a boat waiting for them but were ages away and couldnt come any closer, they all decided to swim to the boat so the read head goes and drowns quarter of the way there, the
  • Two blondes were driving to disneyland when they come across a sign saying disneyland left so they turned around and drove home
  • there was a blonde chick that walked into a nightclub and she said to the bartender have you seen the other chicks.
  • there was a blonde brunette and a red head
    there was a mirror who
  • how can you tell if a blonde is having a bad day?,...
    the tampon is behind her ear and she cant find her pencil
  • Why don't blondes make god cattle hearders?

    Coz they can't keep 2 cal'ves 2geather
  • How do you confuse a blonde?

    Put her in a round room and tell her to go sit int he corner.
  • what does a blonde stick behind her ears to make her look more attractive?...........her ankles
  • whats the difference betweena a blonde and a bowling ball? can only stick 3 fingers in a bowling ball
  • A blonde rings up her friend and says sorry to bug you but i have forgotten your phone number do u think you can give it to me so she does then the blonde says sorry to bug you again but i have forgotten ur phone number again can u give it to me agai
  • this blonde was going to a party when she was in a rush she quickly put her makeup on because her friends were tooting a yelling she got in the car went to the party then when she got there she had noitced that she had put her lipstick on her forhead

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