Top 10 reasons that George W. wants to go to the moon.

    10 - Because it is the perfect example of how life would be if all his policies were carried out with no breathable air, no drinkable water, and
  • okay,

    there a schoolgirl, a man, a woman, and the pope in a small plane about to crash, adn there are only three parachutes, the woman says, "i am the wife of John F Kennedy, the best president, i deserve to live!" so she takes a parachute and jum
  • Why isnt their any americans in the V8 Supercar Series??

  • A patient says, Doc last nite I made a freudian slip, I was having tea wif my mother in law and wanted to say "can you plz pass me the butter?"

    But instead I said "You fuking fat cow u completely ruined my life".
  • One day George Bush dies and goes to hell (no shit!) but hell is full to bursting, so, because Bush is the worst sinner the devil has ever encountered, he is allowed to choose his punishment.

    The devil gives Bush a guided tuour, and when they come
  • After months of silence, OJ finally spoke at the trial. His words to Judge
    Ito were...........
    "I did not, could not and would not have committed this crime".

    Seems with a little help from Dr. Suess and a bit more time, he and Judge
    Ito coul
  • One evening in the White House, Bill and Hillary went to bed. Later that night, Hillary woke up needing to go to the bathroom. So she rolled over to wake Bill up and he said, " what is Hillary." Hillary said, " I need to go to the bath
  • Monica Lewinsky (on CNN's Larry King Live discussing her miraculous Jenny Craig weight-loss):
    "I've learned not to put things in my mouth that are bad for me"}

  • Last Name: ________________

    First name: (Check appropriate box):

    (_) Billy-Bob
    (_) Billy-Joe
    (_) Billy-Ray
    (_) Billy-Sue
    (_) Billy-Mae
  • In a recent television show in the UK, actor and comedian John Cleese
    explained three reasons why the British are superior to Americans:

    1. They speak English.
    2. When they host a world championship they invite other countries.
    3. Visitors to t
  • A gum-chewing American and a Frenchman are sitting together in a
    restaurant. The American feel really proud to be an American, so he
    starts a conversation.

    He asks the Frenchman, "When you eat bread, do you eat all of it?"


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