• a brunet a blonde an a red head wee on da run from da police they hid in a barn wen da police came the policemen kicked all da bags the brunet goes WOOF the red head goes MEOW the blonde goes PATATOES!!!!! very funny hahahahahaha not
  • a red head goes to the doctor and says " Doc my body hurts all over !!" the doctor says " well lets see " so the red head touches her elbow and screams in agoney, then she touches her forehead and screams again , the doctor finaly says " your not a r
  • And why did I come to this site?
    Because I chose to.
    All that stuff I wrote about racism being thrown at each other between Australia and New Zealand.
    I think some of you guys should take into consideration some of the shit that you type on this s
  • How do you get a one armed blonde to fall out of a tree? Wave to her
  • there were 2 blondes and they were on each side of the river. one said 2 the other blonde how do u get 2 the other side and the other blonde said wot do u mean ur already on the other side.
  • there were 2 blondes in heaven and they asked each other how they died the first bl9onde said she froze 2 death and the second said she had suspected her husband was having an affair and she went home and he was reading so she ssearched the house and
  • pink oranges turn blue when u eat a chicken 4 morning tea. Your orange skins find this offensive!!
  • a blonde colors her hair?artifial inteligence
    if u like this joke email me at
  • there was a black head a brunet and a blonde.they found a magic mirror an if you lie to it you disappear.the black head went to the mirror and
    said"i think im beautiful"and disappeared.the
    brunet went up to the mirror and said"i think im
  • A blonde got tired of all the dumb blonde jokes, and? dyed her hair brunette, and decided to go for a drive in the country . On her drive, she passed a farm with a field of sheep. She stopped and asked the farmer, "If I can tell you exactly how many
  • Two Brunettes and a blonde are walking on the side of the road, the two brunettes both see a dead bird and say " AWWWWW poor thing look at the dead bird" and the Blonde looks up in the sky and says "where?"
  • a blonde walks into an electronic store and say's " i'd like to buy that tv please". the man replies, "sorry but we do not serve blondes". the blonde gets really upset and decides to go and dye her hair black. she walks into the shop the next day and
  • there was a blonde and she walked into a chemist and asks for some bottom deoderant the chemist assistant says im sorry we dont sell bottom deoderant and the blonde says but i buy bottom deoderant from here all the time so the chemist assistant goes
  • one day this blonde was playing baseball, she hit a huge shot but she didn't know were to run,her coached shouted at her to run home,you can do it.
    After a moment the blonde just stood there looking puzzeled, shruged at him turned around and ran all
  • there was a dumb blond that went into a furniture store and said to the agent "can i please buy this t.v sir ' "no sorry we dont allow blonds in here"he replied . fuming the blond went home and found a discuise ,the next morning the blond went back
  • There was a blonde and she went to the doctors to find out if she was pregnant. The doctor said congratulations your gonna be a mum. Then the blonde turned around and said oh cool can you do that test on me again to find out if it's mine.
  • there was a blonde, a redhead and a brunette and they were all at work one day. everyday there boss leaves before them so the redhead suggested that they leave straight after her...she wont notice. so the next day when the boss leaves the redhead, br
  • Ther was a red head, a brunet, and a blonde, and they all worked on the same construction site.
    Every day there boyfriends would make them the same lunch, the red head had nachos the brunet had pasta and the blonde had pizza.
    One day the red head s
  • There was a blonde and she wanted a hair-cut so she went to the hairdressers and asks can you please cut my hair.She sat down and the hairdresser asked why she had headphones on she didnt answer BUTcan u cut around them. About one month later she wen
  • two blondes are having lunch and one says to the other "if you can guess how many sandwiches there are in my lunchbox you can have'em both!"
  • a blonde climbs all the way 2 the top of a mountain. when she gets there she cant be bothered 2 walk all the way back down so she opens a can of red bull drinks it n jumps of the side of the mountain. on the way down just be4 she hits the ground she
  • there was a blonde a red and a brown, they were all stranded on a boat, and there was an island 20 miles away the red head said siince imthe fastest i will go first she swam 10 miles got tired and drown then the brown head said since im the strongest
  • whats the differnce between a blonde & a 747? not everyone has been in a 747
  • Q.What did the blondes left leg say to the right one?
    A.Between us we could make a lot of money.

    Q.What did the blondes right leg say to her left leg?
    A. Nothing they havent met yet!
  • There were 3 people a Russian an American and a Blonde
    the American said we are the best because we went to the space first
    then the Rusian said no we are they best because we got to the moon first
    then the Blonde said well we are going to the bes
  • how do u know if a blonde is havin a bad bad day?... ...she has atampon behind her ear and she cant find her pencil!!!...

    how do you get a blonde with 1 arm out of a tree ? Wave to her.
  • how did the blonde try to drown a fish? put it into a bowl of cold water.
  • what did the homeless dude say to the BLONDEE CHICKS

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