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there was a english man irish man and maori man and they all wanted to join the army but they had to pass a test first..the english man went in and the guy asked ..what would happen if one of ur eyes got stabbed out? he said ill be half blind then he goes what would happen if both ur eyes got stabbed out..the englishman said ill be full blind..the guy said sweet u pass...next.. so the irish man came in and the guy asked the same questions and the irishman said the same answers so he passed too...the maori man was listening at the door for the answers so the guy thought he'll change the questions...he goes to the maori man...what would you do if one of ur ears got cut off..the maori man said ill be half blind then he goes what would you do if both ur ears got cut off and the maori man goes ill be full blind and the guy goes whys that?.....and the maori man goes....cause ill have no ears to hang my glasses on.

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