Bob the Frog

There was a little boy walking down the street one day with his pet frog Bob, when the mail man ran him over with his bike, instantly killing Bob. The young boy upset ran crying up the road to the nearest brothel. Wiping his tears he walks inside, hands over $9.20 and asks, "Who can I get with this?" the lady looks at him and says, Wendy will do it. Although beware, she does have herpes and other known std's. The boy smiling says perfect I'll have her. On his way out, the lady curiosly asks, can you tell me why you wanted to go thru with Wendy? The boy replies, sure. I'm gonna go home and sleep with my babysitter tonight, My Dad is gonna take her home and sleep with her, When he gets back home he's going to sleep with my Mum and in the morning my Mum is going to sleep with the mailman. And he's the muthafucker that ran over Bob!

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