Sale's Place

Sale had just come out from Samoa and he was just walking out of the airport and he sore and car withe sign 4 Sale so he thought cool someone has bought me a car so he get's in the car and drive's off. I little while down the road he see's a sign outside of a house that say For Sale so he goes and set's up the house he thinks is his. Then hour after he has all this new gear the Police come around an take him down to the Police Station. The Police call his Cousin and his cousin comes down and goes over to Sale and says Sale why have you been Stealing Sale looks and him and says but i havn't been stealing sop his cousin goes and talk's to the cop and then comes back 5mins later and says Sale you have been stealing you stole and car and you have been living in a house that you havn't bought. Sale say's No i haven't the car had a sign on the window that said For Sale and the house had one to............ hahaha what a Dumb Ass

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