A Blonde only Bar - Check it out...

A blind man walks into a bar. He finds his way to the counter and sits down. Judging by the scent, he realises that there are many women in the bar, but what he didnt realise was that it was a blonde-only bar.

After having a drink, he turns to one side and asks "you wanna hear a blonde joke?"

The blonde bar tender hears this and warns him "i dont think you should tell the joke. On your side are 4 blondes, a former-world-champion women wrestler, a state champion body builder, a serial killer on parole, and a lawyer."

The blind guy realises his mistake and replies, 'i better not, i dont want to repeat myself 4 times.'

Note: I dont think blondes are stupid, i just think they are 'mentally challenged.' To all the nice blondes out there, you know i love you...


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