Making a cake

There is a little girl and her mother and father.
(night time)
The girl drifted off in a short little sleep and was awoken by some strange loud noises.
She went down stairs and into the kitchen, there was her mum and dad.
"What are you doing" asked the little girl
"making a cake" replied her mother "go back to bed darling.
She went back up stairs to her bed and drifted off again into a short little sleep and was then awoken by some strange loud noises.
She crept downstairs and had seen her parents on the couch making another cake. She decided to leave them to it and went back upstairs to her bed and fell into a deep sleep.
She awoke the very next morning and went downstairs into the kitchen and there she saw her mum and dad.
"Mum, Dad, I know what you were doing last night"
teased the little girl.
"what darling" replied mum
"Making another cake" replied the little girl
"How did you know?" asked dad suspiciously
"Cuz I licked the icing off the couch this morning" explained the little girl.

If you still do not know what this story is about reading it over and over and over well you will shocked and so I think you should refer to the topic
'what you get up to in bed'

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