Alligator Shoes

Theres a blonde and she goes to a real alligator country and all she wants is a pair of real Alligator shoes. so she goes into the shoe shop and asks the man if he had any Alligator shoes. the shop owner said yes and took the blonde over to where they were. I cant afford them!!! the blonde said. i'll go catch my own.
So the blonde left the shop off to get herself some alligator shoes.
On the shopkeepers walk home that day he walked past the lake and saw the blonde with a shotgun waist deep in the water with about twenty gators flipped on their backs on the bank. just then a huge gator jumped at the blonde and BANG!!! the blonde shot the gator dead. Then the blonde flipped the gator on its back and said: FUCK THIS ONE ISNT WEARING ANY SHOES EITHER!!!

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