The great escape

There were 3 guys trying to escape mount eden prison one night, a european, samoan and a maori. The european guy tells the boys that in order to escape they must jump over the fence and hide behind the rubbish cans on the other side and "miaow three times". The european guy goes first. He jumps over the fence and quickly hides behind the rubbish cans. A passing warden shouts " whos there??" the european replies " miaow, miaow, miaow". Satisfied that it is just a stray cat the warden goes and the guy does a runner. Next the samoan jumps over the fence and hides behind the bins.Again a warden comes over to investigate and asks "whos there?" the samoan replies "miaow,miaow,miaow" Satisfied that it is another stray the warden leaves and the samoan escapes. Lastly it is the maori's turn to jump the fence and hide behind the bins. He does this succesfully but when asked by the warden "whos there??" the maori replies " miaow three times".

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