Car troubles

Thres a blonde and she is driving her car and she cuts in front of this guy. The guy gets mad so he signals for her to pull over. So the blonde pulls over and the guy draws a circle on the road and says you stand in that circle and dont step out or ill do something not nice to you. So the blonde steps into the circle. The guy goes back into his car and grabs a baseball bat. he then goes over to the blondes car and starts hitting it. And the blonde stars laughing. So the guy whacks it some more. And shes rolling around in laughter. The more he munts her car the more she laughs. In the end the guy goes up to her and says o.k lady whats your problem You should be peeved. The blonde asks will you hurt me if i answer? The man replys no.So she says while you've been beating my car i've been stepping out of the circle.

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