the great debate!

The Pope was seriously considering evicting the Jews from Rome. The Jews of course didn't want to leave so the Pope decided there would be a debate. Now as the Pope couldn't speak Hebrew and the Rabbi couldn't speak Italian it was agreed that it would be a silent debate.
Three days later the Pope and the Rabbi met in a small chapel. They sat in silence for a while then the Pope held up three fingers. The Rabbi held up one in return and waved it around his head and pionted down to the ground. the Pope took out the wine and the bread and the Rabbi brought out an apple.
When asked later by the cardinals the Pope told them what happened: "I held up three fingers to sybolise the Trinity, and he held up one to symbolise that there is one God incommon, and pointed to the ground to say that He is here with us. I took out the bread and the wine to say that we are cleansed of our sins through Jesus and he took out an apple to remind me of our original sin! I say that they will stay!"
Meanwhile the Rabbi is being quized by his followers so he said: "the Pope said that we had three days to get out of Rome, so I gave him the finger. I said 'we Jews, we are staying right here'!"
"What happened next?"
"Who knows? We broke for lunch!"

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