three guys are needing to go toilet really badly,
so one guy walks in to a public toilet and uses it, ignoring the sign saying "beware of the toilet ghost, he finishes his crap and wipes his bum, and then he heard a BOO so he ran out the second guy walks in after te first guy doing exactly the same as the first, except the second guy ended up using all of the toilet paper up the ghost went BOO and he also ran out.
the third guy finnaly walked in, he was very supicious about the sign, he did his business and had only realised that there was no toilet paper so he worried about the ghost comin and he really wanted to get out of there so he wiped his bum with his hand. he was about to leave when he heard a BOO, he got such a fright he didnt want the others to hear his grly scream so he covered his mouth with his hands. ahahaha very funny get it he covered his mouth with his poo covered hands GET IT

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