One day, I little girl and her mother were shopping and the little girl asked her mother, "Mommy, how old are you?" And the mother said, "Dear, that`s something that women don`t really like to talk about." So they walked on and the little girl stopped and said, "Mommy, how much do you weigh?" And her mother said, "Honey, that`s something else that women don`t like talking about." So, they kept walking. Then the girl stopped again and asked, "Why did you and daddy get a divorce?" And her mom said, "Sweetheart, that`s something that hurt mommy very much and I don`t want to talk about it."
The little girl was very frustrated so she went and talked to her best friend. Her best friend told her, "Just sneak a peek at her drivers license. It`s like a profile, it tells you everything."
So the next day when they little girl and her mother were driving to her ballet recital, the little girl said, "Mommy, I know how old you are, you`re 36." Her mother was shocked and said, "Heavens, how did you know that?" The little girl just shrugged. A few minutes passed and the little girl said, "I know how much you weigh. You weigh 128 pounds." The mother said, "And how did you know THAT?" The little girl just shrugged again. After 5 minutes, the little girl said, "And I know why you and daddy got a divorce. You got an F in sex."


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