This blonde is speeding down the road and gets pulled over by the fuz. The cop walks up to her car and asks for her drivers licence. The blonde gets a confused look on her face and asks the cop "what is a drivers licence"? The cop says the plastic card with your picture on it. The blonde searches her wallet and finds her licence. The cop then asks to see her registration. Once again the blonde gets a confused look and says "what's that"? The cop explains and the blonde finds the registration in her glove box. The cop takes the licence and registration back to his car. He thinks long and hard and decides not to give her a ticket. The cop decides he will give her the "blonde test" instead. He walks up to the car, hands her her license and registration and whips out his package near her mirror. The blonde quickly says "officer before you even ask that is a breath analizer, I know because I took two of them yesterday".

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