George Bush's fate

One day George Bush dies and goes to hell (no shit!) but hell is full to bursting, so, because Bush is the worst sinner the devil has ever encountered, he is allowed to choose his punishment.

The devil gives Bush a guided tuour, and when they come to the first room he sees a politician diving into a pool, swimming a length, getting out and diving back in again, repeating this process over and over again.

Bush asks the devil, "Shit, does he have to do that non-stop?"
"Well," excusing himself from this punishment, "I've never been a very good swimmer, so can we go on to the next room, please?"

Here, Bush sees someone constantly smashing up bricks with a mallet. Excusing himself once again, Bush says, "Well, I have a bad shoulder, so I can't see myself doing that for all eternity."

Finally they come to the last room and by this time Satan is getting a bit annoyed. He tells Bush, "Look, you aren't supposed to enjoy yourself in hell anyway, so if you don't want this room, you'll just have to take one of the others."

Bush half-heartedly agrees, but when he looks in this room, his face almost lights up - he sees President Clinton tied naked to the floor with a beautiful woman fornicating over him.

Bush says to the devil, "Yeah, i'll take this room!"

At which point the devil looks at the woman and says, "Hey Monica, you're free to go!"

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