supermans joke

A man went to new york on a plane. At the airport he shared a taxi with another man from Aussie. They were traveling along and the newyorker was telling the Aussie a bit about new york ",did you know" he asked the man,"that the footpaths in new york are made out of rubber?"No way "the Aussie said ,"you're pulling my leg mate."No really its true I'll show you".The New Yorker asked the taxi to stop at a high rise building and they all got out .They walked up 50 fights of steps to the roof top the Aussie looked down and caught his breath "No way "he said "Just watch "said the other man he stood on the edge and jumped. Down he went, down 50 stories hit the footpath and bounced up again and landed beside the Aussie "Bloody hell mate that was cool I'll have to try that" so up gets the Aussie and off he jumps down, down 50 flights and splat he dies .The taxi driver looks at the NewYorker "Fuck your an asshole Superman"!!!!!

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