All New Millenium Barbie

The MATTEL TOY COMPANY proudly presents:
The All New Millenium Barbie collection

A new range for socially aware and politically correct kids

1. AIDS Barbie:
Poor Barbie! Watch her waste away over a 3 month period - then buy
another! Lots of fun! You can even monitor her dwindling vital signs
when you plug her into her very own optional Intensive Care Unit. And
for serious collectors, there's the special limited edition Hearse and
complete Funeral Kit! See Ken weep ...

2. HOMELESS Barbie:
So lifelike! She comes complete with dirty old clothes and Muffy, her
scraggy old dog on a rope! Watch her beg outside Metro stations.
British version comes with her very own can of Special Brew and copy of The
Big Issue magazine!

3. GAY Barbie:
Bye bye Ken! Barbie's come out! Now she spends her time with her new
butch girlfriend Bobbie. Watch them as they play with their various
toys. What naughty girls they are! What fun they have!

4. HOOKER Barbie:
A doll's gotta earn a living! Barbie as you've never seen her before!
She has lots of fun dressing up for her "clients" in her great new
range of outfits including; French Maid, Policewoman, Cowgirl, Serving
Wench and Dominatrix! Complete with credit card scanner and Ken, her
perky pimp!

5. BIKER Barbie:
Once she squeezes into her leathers and Hell's Angels jacket,
there's no stopping her! Complete with her very own range of tattoos
- you choose which parts of her anatomically accurate body she
should wear them
- and her own Body Jewellery Kit.
Ouch! Be careful what you pierce! For that touch of realism,
buy her optional Limited Edition Barbie Harley Davidson.
Vroom Vroom! You can mix 'n match with Gay Barbie & Bobbie
for extra fun!

6: JUNKIE Barbie:
No guesses on this one! Watch Barbie and her swingin' pals shoot
up with their great range of drugs; everything from E to speed!
Oh no - she OD'd!
For added realism, combine with optional ICU (see AIDS Barbie).
Mix'n Match - Barbie's Drugs Kit can also be used with HOOKER Barbie and
the keen collector can save the dirty needles for AIDS Barbie.

7. PUNK Barbie:
Wow! Check out Barbie's new Mohawk hairstyle, safetypins and Doc Martins!
Also available with BIKER Barbie's Tattoo and Body Jewellery Kit.
Add JUNKIE Barbie's Drugs Kit for that extra oomph! Watch her spit and
pogo the night away with SKINHEAD Ken or NEO-NAZI BOOT BOY Ken. Free
Sex Pistols cassette supplied.

And the brand new Disabled Range featuring:

Thalidomide Barbie:
No, you haven't been ripped off - she really hasn't got any arms,
just flippers!
Watch her dress and feed herself with her feet! So flexible!
See wicked Ken make fun of her behind her back.

You guessed it! This Barbie comes with removable limbs - so you can
chose how much of an amputee she is! Complete the set with Barbie's
Designer Crutches and Wheelchair. Mix'n Match with HOMELESS Barbie to

AMPUTEE HOMELESS Barbie - amputate both legs and stick her on her
optional Wheeled Trolley for that extra realism.
See Muffy pull her along!

BLIND Barbie:
Similar to above, but Muffy is now her seeing-eye doggie! Add DEAF
Ken to make the perfect couple!

Oh no! Poor Barbie has forgotten who she is and where she's put
everything! She doesn't even recognise Ken! Make sure she takes
her tablets!

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