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>Date: 14 September 1998 10:21
>On a Sunday evening, a young woman drove herself to a meeting she had up
>north the next day when she noticed that she was running low on gas and
>didn't know where the next gas station was.
>Just as she thought she would have to pull over and sleep the night on
>the side of the road, a came across a rather dodgy-looking petrol
>When she pulled in, the attendant made his way around the car and seemed
>to be very distracted when she asked him to fill it up, She even thought
>that the man was making faces at her!
>He finally agreed to get the gas, but then asked her to pop open the
>hood of the car because there "seemed to be a problem."
>Naturally, the woman became a little anxious - she was all alone in a
>remote gas station, out in the middle of nowhere and it was obvious that
>the attendant was trying to find reasons to keep her there.
>He asked her to come look at the engine, because he had to "show her
>Not wanting to seem hysterical and paranoid, she did as he asked. As
>she rounded the front of the car he grabbed her arm and said that her
>car needed to be towed to the nearest town and she would have to come
>into the office to complete the paperwork.
>He then put his hand over her mouth and forced her into the office. She
>began to bite his hand once they were inside and he let her go.
>He explained to her that there was a man crouched down in the backseat
>of her car and the attendant didn't want him to know that he'd been
>They called the police who came to arrest the man who, it was later
>discovered, was a known serial killer.
>Two friends moved to New York, and because rent was so high, they shared
>a studio apartment.
>One of the girls was a real party girl and the other apparently a
>stay-at-home type.
>One Friday evening the party girl headed out for night on the town, and
>asked her flatmate to come along.
>The girl declined and said she was going to read and then go to bed
>The girl had been out at the local bar for a few hours when she
>remembered she had forgotton something.
>By this time, pretty plastered, she stumbled back to the appartment and
>quietly let herself in. Not wanting to wake her flatmate, she didn't
>turn the light on, picked up whatever it was she went back for and
>returned to the bar.
>When she got home the next morning (tart), she opened the door to this:
>Her flatmate's head had been cut off and was lying on the floor.
>Scrawled in her blood on the walls were the words "Aren't you glad you
>didn't turn on the light?"
>A Spanish man doing some business in Poland came across an open funeral
>home with a casket laid out for viewing.
>Bizarrely, he went in but found no one there. He felt bad for the dead
>man, said a prayer, and signed the registrar.
>A month later he got a call from the dead man's lawyer.
>Apparently, the deceased's will stipulated his multi-million dollar
>fortune be split evenly amongst all who attended his wake.
>The Spanish businessman was the only one who signed the book.
>Berlin - Just after WWII.
>A young woman made the following report to the police.
>She had met a blind man at a rally. She claims that they hit it off
>pretty well and the blind man asked her for a favor, could she possibly
>deliver the letter to the address on the envelope?
>As it was on her way home, she agreed. She started out to deliver the
>letter, but then turned around to ask the man a question.
>To her dismay, she spotted him hurrying through the crowd in the
>opposite direction - without his dark glasses or white cane.
>Sensing something seriously dodgy, she went straight to the police, who
>raided the address on the envelope, where they found heaps of human
>flesh for sale.
>What was in the envelope? A note which said "this is the last one I am
>sending you today."

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