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Top 10 reasons that George W. wants to go to the moon.

10 - Because it is the perfect example of how life would be if all his policies were carried out with no breathable air, no drinkable water, and not a single tree standing.

9 - There is nobody there to complain about the dumping of nuclear waste.

8 - He could really strut in that weaker gravity.

7 - Half the people would always be in the dark (oh wait, that is already happening on this planet).

6 - No damn liberals.

5 - He thought the moon was made of cocaine.

4 - All the animals are already extinct so he wouldn't have to hear all this talk about environmental protection or global warming.

3 - No cops to pull you over if you're driving drunk.

2 - Can't see (or hear) protesters.

And the #1 reason Bush Jr. wants to go to the moon - He thought it would be easier to find weapons of mass destruction on the barren surface.

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