The country was in a terrible state,
Parliament sat for the Budget debate.
It was quite a few moments till Bill Birch spoke
Then he said : "Sex will be taxed, 10 bucks a poke,
Whether you're short, long, skinny or thick
The tax will be paid on the use of your prick."
Then John Banks said: "Bill, look you here,
Will the tax apply to the boys who are queer?"
David Lange rose and looked rather glum,
"Will I be exempt because I like a bum?"
Birchy replied, sounding quite airy,
"You'll pay double you horrible fairy!"
Up stood Win Peters to tremendous applause,
He grabbed Helen Clark and ripped off her drawers.
He straddled across her and stuffed her at will,
Then shouted to Birchy "Put that on the Bill!"
Jim Bolger then shouted "I think I'll resign.
I haven't had sex for too long a time.
I dream every night of a big juicy crutch
but at 10 bucks a go, that's too bloody much!"
The debate carried on, oh what a sight!
Graheme Lee was wanking the whole of the night,
MP's were coming, the Speaker came last,
And in the excitement the bloody Bill passed.
So now in the bedrooms of New Zealand at night,
there's many a fanny closed good and tight.
They're taxing our grog, and taxing our smokes,
And now the mean bastards are taxing our pokes.
If ten bucks a grind is what we must pay,
It's not with our wimmin with whom we should play.
To quench our frustration, we must have a wank,
And for the state of the country, we've the Nats to thank!

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