Teen Arrested for Eating Peanut Butter Sandwich at

NEW YORK CITY - Seventeen year old Larry Reynolds was arrested in his
high school's cafeteria yesterday for eating a sandwich containing
peanut butter. The school which Reynolds attends had just banned the
potentially lethal substance after learning that there was a 1 in 50
Million chance that a student could die from a peanut butter allergy
attack. Said one school administrator, "Although we have never had a
student suffer an allergy attack do to exposure to peanut butter in the
entire 94 year history of our school, we know that it is wrong to take
chances with the lives of our students. That is why we banned this
potentially life-threatening food."

The Administrator continued by saying, "Our school has a zero tolerance
policy for all deadly substances. Larry Reynolds knew the rule and he
deliberately broke it. His actions showed a careless disregard for the
lives of his fellow students. We see no difference between bringing
peanut butter to school or bringing cyanide or sarin nerve gas. We had
no choice but to have him arrested."

Reynold's bail was set at 2 million dollars. If he is found guilty of
bringing peanut butter to school he could be sentenced to 25 years to

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