Two whales, a male and female

Two whales, a male and female, are swimming off the coast of Japan when
>the male whale looks up and sees the whaling ship that killed his father
>five years before. Excited at the opportunity to avenge his father's
>death, the male whale says to the female "Let's go underneath the ship
>and blow air through our blow holes. That ought to knock their boat
>over, and make them think twice about killing innocent whales." The
>female whale agrees, and the plan works perfectly.
>Once the whaling ship has completely sunk, the male whale notices that
>most of the sailors are making their way back to the shore by either
>swimming or in lifeboats. Not willing to let them get away so easily,
>the male whale yells "They're going to shore -- Let's go gobble them up!"
>Just then, the female whale becomes less cooperative: "Look", she says,
>"I agreed to the blow job, but there is NO WAY I'm swallowing seamen!"

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