This guy decided to go out for a round of golf. On the 3rd tee, he hooks
his shot into the rough. When he gets to the ball, he sees a man in a green suit
knocked unconcious. When the man comes to, the golfer apologizes but the man
in green says, "It's ok. It just so happens that I'm a Leprauchan, you've
caught me, so I have to give you three wishes." The golfer replies, "Oh no,
I couldn't take the wishes, it's ok." Being a Leprauchan and having took the
oath, the Leprauchan grants the man 3 wishes that he would want for himself:
A good golf game, an endless supply of money, and a great sex life.

Some time later the golfer hits a shot off the 8th tee. Sure enough, he finds
his ball with the Leprauchan-unconsious again. Upon awakening, the Leprauchan
says hello to the guy and asks him, "Hey! How's your golf game?" The golfer
says, "It's great! I'm hitting under par EVERY time!" The Leprauchan asks,
"How's your money?" The golfer says, "Damn! Everytime I reach into my wallet
I pull out a hundred dollar bill. I could reach in a 100 times, and each time
I come out with another hundred." The Leprauchan says, "So how's your sex
life?" The golfer says, "Well, it's okay." "Only Okay?" the Leprauchan asks.
"I gave you a good golf game, endless money, but your sex life is only OKAY?
How many times a week?" "Well," The golfer says, "it's not bad, usually two
or three times a week." "That's it?!" The Leprauchan says. "Only two or three
times a week?" The golfer replies, "Well, you gotta understand. That's not
bad for a preist from a small parish."

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