Super Hero Party

It's Saturday night and the superheroes are having a party. Everyone
>>is going to be there. Batman, Robin, Spider Man, The Hulk, the whole
>>Superman is especially ready to party after a hard week of saving the
>>So he throws on his cape and heads off.
>>Along the way, he passes Wonder Woman's penthouse suite. To his
>>surprise, he sees through her open window that she is still at home,
>>naked, lying with her legs apart.
>>Feeling a bit in the mood, he thinks to himself, "I'm faster than a
>>speeding bullet. I can fly in there, have sex with her and be gone
>>before she knows it."
>>So in an instant, Superman flies in, does the deed, and flies back out,
>>with a great big smile on his face.
>>At this point, Wonder Woman sits up and says, "Did you hear something?"
>>"No," replies the Invisible Man, "but my ass is killing me.

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