We need to show them that we care..... ..... ..
It's just not right. Thousands of stevedores in our very own country are
living at or just below the six figure salary line. And if that wasn't bad
enough, many of them may go several weeks or months without a paycheck if
they are forced by the Maritime Union of Australia to strike.

But now you can help. You can sponsor a needy stevedore. For less than
$60 an hour you can help keep a stevedore economically viable during their
time of need. Sixty dollars an hour may not seem like a lot of money to
you, but to a stevedore it could mean the difference between a vacation
skiing in Switzerland or a Mediterranean cruise.
For you, sixty dollars is nothing more than half a week's rent or mortgage
payment. But to a stevedore, sixty dollars an hour will replace a portion
of his or her salary.

During the strike action stevedores are facing the hardships of losing
their daily subsidised hot meals and access to their free gym, swimming
pool and recreational facilities. Many striking stevedores can no longer
take home crates of whiskey or the occasional 100 cm television or new car
that "accidentally" fell-off-the-back-of-a-container-ship and was written
off by the Shipping Line's insurance.

Each month, you will receive a complete financial report on the stevedore
you sponsor. Detailed information about his or her stocks, shares,
savings, and real-estate holdings will be mailed to your home. You will be
able to watch your stevedore's net worth grow. You'll also
get information on how they chose to invest their 2.4 million dollar lump
sum they get upon their retirement.

Your stevedore will be told that her or she has a SPECIAL FRIEND that just
wants to help. Although the stevedore won't know your name, he or she will
be able to make reverse-charges calls to your home via a special operator
in case they need more funds.

Please charge the account listed below $480 per day for the duration of
the strike.
Please send me a picture of the stevedore I have sponsored, along with a
"Die Scab Die" badge and my very own Stevedore Ticket" which enables me to
claim a wage for up to 4 hours a day while sitting on my ass doing nothing.

<> Mastercard <> Visa <> American Express <> Diner's Club
<> Bankcard <> Union Card
Account Number:________________________________
Expiration Date:_________________________
Send Completed Forms to the:
MUA Head Office, Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000.

Note: Sponsors agree not to contact the stevedore sponsored or their
families in person or by other means including, but not limited to, phone
calls, letters, email, or third parties. However, if you wish to watch
your stevedore working you can visit your local wharf during normal
working hours (from 11:00AM to 11:15AM). Contributions made are not tax
deductible. In the event of end of the strike action sponsors agree to a
one time administration charge of $500.00 to cover administration costs of
this program.

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